Dear Friends throughout the Fencing World!

This program has been developed using my experience of working as a member of the scientific group responsible for supporting the preparation of the National Soviet fencing team. I started this work in 1979 in preparation for the Moscow Olympics and was a member of this group until 1983, when I officially became a coach of the national team. I coached this team from 1981 to 1992.  The team won 6 world championships, achieved a gold medal at the 1984 alternative Olympic Games, the ‘disastrous’ silver medal at the Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988 and the gold medal in Barcelona Olympic games in 1992.  This scientific group consisted of 5 -7 people. Computers at that time were the size of a room and I am very happy that, with the help of new technology, I can present you the program that can substitute the work of many people. This program is based on a system of self assessment.  The Virtual Trainer will help you plan your training and help you control the completion of your training plan. With the training planner, you can plan your training in detail, adding to your fencing training plan, competitions, fitness training and also other sports.  You will be able to control your training with the training log.  Training chart will help you to correlate your training and competition success with different types of activity.  By adding the training log to "tactical characteristics" of the bouts, you will be able to understand your fencing better. It will improve your tactical knowledge and fighting strategy and will help to understand your opponents.  There is also the option of sending your reports to your coach and to test your progress with the test option.

Before you start to use the program, put you personal details and your photo in "owner" section.( FILE - OWNER )

Now you are ready to start planning your training for the year.