To start entering information about your training, you will need to select NEW from the FILE menu or press the NEW button on the toolbar.  You will be presented with the NEW ENTRY window, which will allow you to enter information about your training, etc. 

On this tab, shown above, you can enter general and performance orientated training information.  Use the self-assessment system to drag the slider to the position indicating the level of your training success and level of tiredness in percent. On this tab, assess your training, considering the tactical style of your fencing on the day.

Offensive, maneuverable or ...

Next tab will allow you to record the usage and success of different actions in attack and defense.  Firstly, adjust the usage figures (100% in total) and thereafter that adjust success of the completion (scoring the hit) of each one.    

In the training log view, you will be able to see your training days with the training log summaries. Click on the training date to recall the log details of the particular training.

You can customize the tab view with the FIELD CHOOSER.  Just click on the button next to DATE.

You can choose particular dates - weeks, etc. and click APPLY.  You can also add duration of training in other sports.