Bout simulator.

1. Switch on the device. “On – Off” switch is on the right side of the device.

2. Device will automatically be ready for the first mode. Number one light will blink.


3. Using the “Program” button you can choose desired training mode.

 4. When you are ready for the training, push “ start “ button.  Device will “ ring “ indicating that you should take up initial position, second “ring” – the end of the exercise.

5. Before the first training get familiar with the device signals.  Switch on the device, choose the program number “eight” and listen to the signals: “high tone signal”, “low tone signal ”,  “double signal”.

6. If the device is not operating correctly you may need to change the battery. Use a small screwdriver to unscrew three screws, open the top cover and change the battery.


The device can be mounted on the wrist, on the belt; you can use a mobile phone lanyard to hang it around your neck. You can cut excess strap with the scissors. 






 Practice the exercises with the weapon and with the target or just imitating the movements of the weapon.



The practice target can be made from combination of the hard foam and the piece carpet. Sabre fencers can use for the target their mask. Just hang it on the wall with the help of the door handle. 




Focus your attention on signal of a training device and start execution as soon as possible. Please use correct techniques, position of the beginning of the exercise and fix the final position.  After you are comfortable with the exercises, try to hit the middle of the marked target and count your misses.